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A Building Survey (formerly known as a Structural Survey) is a wide-ranging inspection of a property. It is particularly appropriate for:

  • Listed Buildings

  • Older (Period) Properties

  • Buildings constructed in an unusual way

  • A building that you intend to renovate, alter or extend

  • Buildings that have already been renovated or significantly altered

Our Building Survey examines all accessible elements but you can request that specific areas are included to cover any particular concerns you may have. We will happily tailor the Survey to meet your precise needs.
We also specialise in surveying Listed and period properties.
Our Building Survey will report on all aspects of a property, especially:

  • Any significant defects and what they could mean in terms of safety and stability

  • Necessary repairs

  • Tests for dampness

  • Presence of beetle infestation or other damage to timbers

  • Services

  • Condition/effectiveness of existing insulation

  • Advice on non-tested drainage systems

  • Materials used to build the property

  • Recommendations for any further investigation that may be required


We have extensive experience of surveying both listed and period properties and all surveyors in the firm are Members of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors.
We provide totally unbiased and impartial advice in our survey reports: We are not owned or controlled in any way by outside organisations and our primary duty of care is to you, the client.
If you'd like to discuss the best approach for surveying a property you're thinking of buying or renovating then don't hesitate to get in touch. We'd be pleased to help and advise.

Phone: 01493 842168

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